back at the ‘rents


after a week of over-thinking and no regular internet access by which to brain dump, I am now back at my family’s and feeling better overall.
a little more loved, a little less lonely.

i figured an update would be the best use of my time at the moment, but please know that my instinct was to write long mushy love letters to all of you who wished me a happy birthday or commiserated with my life as it has been this week. . . thank you thank you. i’ve just needed a big hug all week— and it’s amazing how close something as intangible as lj comments can come to satisfying such a visceral need.

that said i am feeling listy:

– in case you didn’t know, i already voted
– tomorrow if it doesn’t rain my dad and i are going looking a distant grandfather’s grave
– eww gram saw a ghost last week. can’t really discuss if i plan on getting any sleep tonight
– i wrote a lonnng email and got a lot off my chest *deep sigh*
– my fingernails are blue and sparkly. it’s as patriotic as i get.
– only my spouse gifted me for my birthday. in the box:
the remake of the parent trap, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (very apropos for me now,)
the garden state soundtrack, peanut m&ms, reeses cups, and the most appropriate card–
girls barefeet on the cover “forget shoes” and inside “it’s your birthday and you’ve got better things
to do.”
– i did get money from mine and his parents . . . i have some new clothes now. heheh
and hopes of wireless internet in my near future.
– i am starving right now and thinking if i eat the bitty birthday cake the in laws gave me
at this hour i would be come very ill.
– underwire is my best friend and worst enemy
– i am going back to bloomington on friday or saturday.

more tomorrow, out of the bowels of election hell. . . .

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