oh no not another survey


you might think i’d have a lot to say, but no.

Last, Current, Favorite and Random

Created by jass4298 and taken 267 times on bzoink!

Person you hugged j’s dad
Person you kissed my mama
Person you talked to dan, j, and karris
Thing you ate soy crisps
Thing you drank wild cherry pepsi
Song listened to that i remember, crazy for you
Show you watched on tv friends
Movie you watched saved!
Place you went wal-mart
Time you laughed pretty much constantly
Time you cried for real crying, in houston.
CD you bought something at lotus . . . vasen. maybe.
Song you downloaded no recollection
Thing you made a little wooden box
Thing you drew a border on my journal page. a pair of glasses.
Thing you wanted hmmm. ice cream?
Thought that the laptop is hot
Dream you had driving on a dark road
Band seen in concert heard brecken and brent friday
Shirt blue scoop neck tshirt
Pants lt blue cords
Sound baseball
Crush not sayin :)~
Longing to have a job i love
Wish see above
Smell beer
CD in player laura nyro
E-mail ? my address? ropedancer@livejournal.com
Screen Name
Book you’re reading fearless creating
Taste salt and sugar
Video game in system tetris
Channel on TV fox
Bother the heat from this computer!
Number 13, 75, 1
Color green
Band beatles
TV Show
Food french fries and gravy
Drink hot tea
Store target
Have any morning routines i suck at routine.
Nightly routines same.
What do you usually buy with your money food
Have a job teaching art and renting videos
When’s your birthday (mm/dd/yy style) 10-30-75
Middle name marie
Do you go by your full first name or a nickname heidi— full first
How long have you liked your favorite band as long as i can remember i think it’s genetic.
Would you ever want to be famous successful, but fame would grate on me.
If so, for what? and if not, why well, i am a performer, so acting or singing most likely. but maybe visual art or writing.
You get to be on a TV show of your choice. What show do you choose i have no idea. suggestions?
First thing you notice about the opposite sex eyes, either way
Turn ons he open expression of mutual attraction
Turn offs cigarette and/or coffee breath
Your hair color dk brown
and your eye color lt green
Preferred hair color of a guy/girl not tooo light blonde
Preferred eye color of a guy/girl blue
Be honest, are you shallow no
Alright, cool. Tell me how much is in your wallet, and we’re done. about 7$

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