“armies of compassion” ??!!!


to me the worst kind of mixed metaphor is one that
juxtaposes violence with peace.

that’s all I am going to say. oh except . . .

slightly more controversial as I continue;  don’t read it if you don’t want.

“promoting a culture of life”
using this term to argue against abortion
while waging war.

let’s see. . .
a bundle of cells, most without heartbeats vs.
limbs and family members, civilians and soldiers being blown to bits.
how , in the eyes of any divine being, is an innocent member of a society that we are attacking any different or more acceptable than an aborted fetus, partial-birth or not?

that’s not a statement of my personal beliefs on either subject necessarily,
just a question of undeniable hypocrisy.


3 thoughts on ““armies of compassion” ??!!!

  1. Have to agree with you there. Bush and his ilk have become experts at this kind of “doublespeak” to both obscure what’s really happening as well as pander to the religious right that is a big part of their base. Grrr…I wish I had kept a running tally of each candidates “pander” statements last night it would have been like a baseball game. 🙂

  2. 1 + 2 = 3 [= culture_of_what_KIND_of_life?]

    It basically boils down to this:

    1) due to mammalian paternal instincts, it requires much less thought for people to be revolted at the thought of killing cute widdle babies than, for instance, adult human beings who might very well have lives and families and important ideas.

    2) it’s much easier for people to take certain political or ethical stances in the abstract than it is to actually apply them.

    3) I’ll compare the meat industry to the war machine here – just as people who are revolted at the thought of slaughterhouses are not exclusively vegetarian, people who are utterly revolted at the thought of personally committing murder or being an accessory to such are not necessarily against reckless or vindictive war.

    I think you see my point, yes? It’s easy for people to pretend to take certain positions when so many people are [and have no desire not to be] almost religiously disassociated from the implications of those positions, and their grim reality.

    Our culture seems to consider convenience and comfort inalienable rights.

    I don’t see how people who willfully live like barely-sentient plastic-covered sheep-shaped sofa cushions can possibly be expected to make responsible decisions about what is and is not ethical or even sensible. I don’t see how their psychologically-underdeveloped opinions on such matters can even be taken seriously.

    The fact that such people are allowed to vote really fucking bothers me. Because, inevitably, they are going to vote the rest of us back into feudal serfdom right along with them. As long as the feudal serfdom in question includes affordable gas prices and big-screen televisions, and conveniently packaged everything available at a shopping center near you!

    Oh, and the sacred miracle of childbirth. We’re gonna need a lot more food-service workers, after all. And gas station attendants. And people to build bigger cars and televisions.

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