some time for winding down was in order,
so today was me,
a 2 liter of cherry coke and
an unholy amount of home improvement television
here at sungo‘s palace.

but i am here in the greater area of the nation’s cap.
yesterday i spent most of the day (and an undisclosed number or dollars) downtown.
i couldn’t attempt to bring appropriate clothing for a wedding on a train, so i
went to a designer here and said “bring it, bitch.”
and then i felt like vomiting.
“normal” women i’ve heard feel powerful and such after shopping.
i just felt poor.
i mean, i’ve always been poor, but i usually don’t “feel” it.

in other news, i must say that drava, j., and their three luscious kitties
many thanks to my angels of mercy.
not only was i given safe harbor in new orleans, but i made great friends,
ate tasty food and saw all the sights necessary.
lovely graveyard pics will be uploaded in the near future!

love to you all my friends from this big crazy trip.


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