hello Texas!


Well, friends, we made it safely to Houston.
All is well and I am actually going to be here a few days it looks like.
My train to New Orleans is departing Sunday morning . . . .
Now the question is how I will busy myself for eight hours IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in downtown N’orleans.
Suggestions are welcome.

3 thoughts on “hello Texas!

  1. Go down to the Quarter…

    …head east to Frenchmen street and look up the Praline Connection restaurant and Eat Good Things. I think they’re open late late.

    Here’s someone’s list of late night goodness in the big easy: Marigny is just east of the Quarter and less touristy, very old-sleepy town feeling (even in the afternoon) neighborhood I’d feel safe walking through at any hour (unlike downtown and over towards the Riverbend commercial strip by the Hyatt and convention center – save those for daytime).


    This website has all the 24-hour gay bars; most of which this middle-aged lady dyke would leave to the boyz for playing, but some of which sound reasonably comfortable possibly even…

    Citysearch.com recommends the Camellila Grill; this is at the “far west” end of the St. Charles historic trolley line that runs between there and the French Quarter; I’m not sure it runs late late, but it’s definitely worth taking if you have the time to take the chance.

    There are a bunch of virtual geocaches near the Amtrak station, you could go for a walk…

    or you could grab an Anne Rice novel (she lives there) and sack out with a good cheesy read…

    whatever you do, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy: NOLA does indeed have much going on 24-hours (outside of a kinko’s and everything!)

  2. I’d say stick to the Quarter but I’d say steer clear of Frenchman/the Marigny since it’ll be the middle of the night and you don’t know the area (too dangerous/lots of muggings for out of towners although daytime is usually fine). If you’re being safe, turn back into the Quarter when you reach Esplanade. The Quarter is fairly safe at night so long as you’re not dripping with expensive jewelry or staggering drunk alone with a map in your hand. The bars on uppper Decatur, across from the French Market, are a nice relief (artsier, “cooler”) if you can’t stomach Bourbon St and there should be a few all-night restaurants open closer to Bourbon if you just want to sit down and journal or whatever.

    We’re getting a little bit of a break from intense heat right now, so you’ve picked a good time to visit. Have fun!!

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