it soooo smells like autumn.


first— it is absolutely indescribably perfect weather today.
my kitchen window is open and the scent of warm sourdough bread is all through the house.
in case i haven’t mentioned it in all the rushrush.

I am leaving for TEXAS tomorrow.
Strange I know, but I am riding to Houston with David to keep him company on the journey south.
Beyond that the plan is a bit fluid. *giggle*
I *may* go see some relatives in Dallas
and then my current preferred plan of travel to the northeast is by train with a layover
in New Orleans.
Crazy, huh?
maduro and sungo will hopefully get calls in the next week with details of my arrival in the nation’s capital.
It’s happening.

The travel menu thus far:

1 Loaf Sourdough
1 Loaf Country White
sliced colby jack
curried chicken salad with grapes and peanuts
carrot chips and ginger salad dressing
fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding
frozen grapes
diet dr. pepper

if i have time, more later.
I’d love to get some lotus pics uploaded, but I still have to clean the house and pack.


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