i want donuts.


bad for two reasons–
a. i am on my first ever honest.to.goodness diet and i’d like to not completely.lose.it.
b. there aren’t any HERE and it is WELL below
(thetemperatureof) ZERO out THERE.
so, i shall suffer.
*fains looking waif-ish*

speaking of food.
turkish food earlier today.
it’s soooo yummy and the owner is just the sweetest nicest little man.
Whitney was wearing a big turquiose and silver ring and he runs up and says” you likes??
(looks at her ring) Ah you found you way to the right place. . . . you wear this ring we name after . . blah (we’re confused) blah”
Oh. DOH. It’s called the Turkuaz Cafe.
Isn’t that cute?!

The rest of the day has been less eventful.
Except, new SOFTWARE yummmmmmmmmmmm.
I am finally kickin’ this website thang into high gear.
I needed a little more technology on my side.
I don’t get far beyond basic coding at this point without brain pain.


8 thoughts on “i want donuts.

  1. I love the Turkuaz / turquoise connection!

    there are ways to the eeeevil delight of donuts, even when it’s so horribly cold outside that you’ll burn all the calories from them off just thinking about it, and you prolly have *looks left, looks right* the ingredients right there…


    basic coding and googling for “i wanna do this” and “tutorial” will get you a lot of good places.

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