trance dancing . . .


I facilitated today— didn’t feel quite up to full paticipation. I think I wore myself out last night at N&G’s.
I can’t wait until the regularity of dance, movement and exercise do better things for my stamina. waah.
Because I wanted to have the energy to go out and see the troupe I am thinking of joining . . .
they performed tonight. But I just can’t sustain the energy level.
All this movement and people and emotions swirling around!
But it does get me itching to make things—–
Off to tear through some magazines and work on late (as usual) swaps . . .

3 thoughts on “trance dancing . . .

  1. …a little bit at a time…

    remember that even a small change–a little bit of push in energy–makes room for more change…the stamina will come.
    eventually it all becomes self-supporting.

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