big fish


i saw. i loved it. i am not telling anyone else to go see it because I don’t want that kind of responsibility.
lol. i hate it when a movie is quirky and i love and other people i expect to like it don’t.
so. meh. heheh
i mean, i went to see ewan.
( i want to buy him. i know you say, “but he’s a person, not an object. he’s not for sale.”
and i say, phooey. everyone has a price. muhahahah. but i bet he’s expensive.
who wants to chip in? i don’t mind sharing.)
BUT Billy Crudup was awesome. And I love Albert Finney.
And besides two people who generally annoy me greatly–
Jessica Lange and Helena Bonham Carter–
DIDN’T, for once. *bonus*


8 thoughts on “big fish

  1. I’ve been hearing such good things from allot of people although I was planning to see it before that. I made plans with a good friend to go to matinee tommorrow! I love Ewan too! The last movie I saw him in was “In The Mood for Love” which was quite entertaining. Plus the sets and costumes are such eye candy. H

  2. Yay! We’re going to go see Big Fish in a couple of hours! I can’t wait. Oh and by the way I’d totally chip in on the Ewan fund. He’s dreamy 😉 My husband just loves it when I start drooling over Ewan. But who could resist that smile. HEE HEE.

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