i have been having a great trip . . .


but I am finally anxious to get back to bloomington.

in fact, i am anxious enough that I can’t sleep. We’re leaving in the morning and it doesn’t look like I am going to rest before then. I am jumpy and ready to get back to my kitties and my work and my art supplies . . .
I think the new year is what did it. I want to get home start working and cleaning and enacting all the plans I have made.

I am actually going to create a schedule. *gasp*
What has taken me years to undo, I am now going to redo.
It took forever to break myself of the rigidity imposed by an overly scheduled lifestyle. So I created a life of supreme flexibility. And now I am ready to head back toward the middle.
Of course after doing what I want, when I want I am going to start out being pretty strict about it. At least initially.
Hellllllooooo self-discipline.

I am starting a new job that introduces a poetry program into elementary schools. It involves writing curriculum and lessons, talking to teachers and prinicipals and publishing. I really wanted the experience of working for a small press, and my boss is one of the original owners of 1stbooks. He just sold his part and I guess works now for fun. lol.
I am keeping my real estate license mainly to help friends and work part-time.
I am vowing to paint and create more. As well as do more writing. And I have volunteered to help with sales and marketing. That is, of course, the really fun work.

I’ll be spending lots of time in the house and so the first order of business is to finish whipping my house into shape. Oddly enough, I am looking forward to it.

As I type this I am getting hives on my hands and wrists. What’s up wif dat?

Well, I have lots to say about the holidays, but that will have to wait. I’m not really looking forward to a long drive tomorrow, but it’s always fun anyway because Kevin and I always debrief on the way home to unwind.

signing off from my mountain home.
next post will be from indiana.


6 thoughts on “i have been having a great trip . . .

  1. your name change keeps freaking me out. everytime I see your icon I think “WHO IS THIS HOW DID THEY GET ON MY FLIST AND OMG THEY STOLE THAT ICON!” only briefly though! hahaha

    no more crack for me.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! for the lovely Xmas card surprise! I didn´t expect it at all and I was smiling all day long because of it. You´re pure gold. 🙂 <3

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