for your viewing pleasure this thanksgiving . . .


a picture of me and the baby kitty on the day we found her.
i love her.
she sleeps on my chest and grooms my nose.

soooooo. it has been for-evah since I’ve taken the time to write. With a renewed addiction to neopets and the recent purchase of Prince of Persia for our GameCube, well, I’ve been otherwise occupied in video game land—
otherwise known as “I don’t feel like dealing with life right now.”
Nothing is wrong, I just seem to be in this quasi-funk. Basically, I’m not sleeping well or feeling in tip-top shape physically.
But I do have exciting stuff to be doing. For one, the Improvisational Movement Theatre Group I have been part of since September is having a performance next week! I wish I could bring that experience to life here— it’s like ensemble authentic storytelling . . . dance, movement, sound, stories and community all rolled into one package. Doing this work makes me high on life. I will definitely have to continue in the new year.

Speaking of the New Year— holy crap— where did this one go. Eep.
I have an SCA event to attend on the 6th and I haven’t started the new dress I am making! My being is in complete denial that it is already the END of November. And oh god. I just realized that is the day after this performance. I am gonna be zonked because I’m certain I’ll be partying into the wee hours afterward.

I have so much to express. ummmm. other news? I got a new cell phone. lol.
It’s a CAMERA phone. I am digitally armed and dangerous as of this moment.
Watch out world and say cheese.
Which while I am on the subject and since it is Thanksgiving . . .
LOVE and hugs and thanks to sungo for hosting my random web ventures. *mwah*
Everybody say “Thanks sungo!”

And what the hell am I doing awake, wrapped in a beach towel and doing laundry for at 3:30 am on Thanksgiving?!!
Well, it’s mostly because I am not going anywhere tomorrow. The big trek east to see family will be in December, so K. and I are doing nada. Probably playing games, sleeping in, watching the damn parade and games, and having sausage and potatoes. Yes, you heard me, no turkey for us. It’s one of K.’s favorite meals and today at Sam’s Club we could resist the “yard o’ beef.” It’s summer sausage. And don’t worry, it’s not *really* a yard.

And if anyone has yet to see the movie Whale Rider, rent it. I have watched it over and over this week.
Then again I have a certain obsession with the Pacific Island cultures.

Enough babbling for now. I must go put clothes in the dryer.
*waves to maduro* miss you! your cd is living in my car right now and I am enjoying it!

happy thanksgiving day to everyone!
I don’t really celebrate the whole exploit the natives in the “new” world bit, but I love that there’s a whole holiday about being thankful . . . Now would be an appropriate time to let everyone who didn’t know that this bizarre username I have, “buioch,” is a form of the gaelic word for “grateful.”


16 thoughts on “for your viewing pleasure this thanksgiving . . .

  1. i miss you too…thanks for listening….

    happy turkey day πŸ™‚

    btw – I LOVED Whale Rider and sorta lost it at the end….

    “buioch,” is a form of the gaelic word for “grateful.”

    interesting..i was always wondering and i never asked

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