official birthday business


my daddy came down out of the woods with his trusty bow to call me from a pay phone for my birthday this morning!
he’s quite a fabulous wonderful man.
and i talked to mama, too.

i decided I didn’t want to sit alone in the office for an hour and a half this afternoon,
so I left— business can wait.
so instead i took a luscious bath and lounging. birthday-style. yo.

tonight we had dinner cooked by vitreous_fish.
and McDonald’s birthday cake. my favorite. i am sooo not kidding.
ask anyone who was there about my enthusiasm for the stuff.
it’s good. it’s chocolate preservative-filled crack.

and i got polka dot balloons.
hence the new icon.

now to begin preparations for the dia de los muertos festivities.
y’all have a happy halloween now, ya hear?!


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