birthdays can be dangerous . . .


mine is thursday and it’s starting to make me nervous.
and it’s creating cash flow danger. i received money from mine and k.’s parents.
you’d think I could at least wait until my birthday to spend it, but nooooo.

i bought a violin.
you might say, but heidi-goose, you’d don’t PLAY the violin.
to that I would say, well, it’s hard to do when you don’t HAVE one.
now I will not have that excuse.

9 thoughts on “birthdays can be dangerous . . .

  1. that’s awesome

    i love it. It’s a personal challenge and investment. I did the same thing with making electronic music. One day I was feeling really rotten and I decided that I wanted to do something I always wanted to do – make electronic music. so, I went to the music store and spent like $700 on a machine and I had no idea what to do with it. That was August 02.

    There is nothing like challenging yourself to pursuit a dormant passion.

  2. You now have a violin, and soon you shall be playing that lovely violin.

    I love it when people make purchases like this. It’s like a change is in the air ;).

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