wowza! Paris Combo!


THIS group of musicians AMAZED me tonight.
Highly talented, but even more FUN.

but now i am tired and not looking forward to class tomorrow. wahhhh. lazy bunny wanna sleep in.


5 thoughts on “wowza! Paris Combo!

  1. w00t!
    we’ve got two of their albums; did you just get to see them live?
    glad to hear they’re as much fun in person as on disc – I would love to see them.
    Send them to SF when you’re done with them, ok? the living room…

  2. Adress needed!!!!!!

    Will you will you will you tell me your snail mail adress???? I have a package going out to you and now I realize that I´m not at all sure whether you´ve moved since last October when I got your last letter……………8/

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