a good kind of tired. . .


my approaching birthday somehow helps me to feel more grounded, and the season’s comfort less restless.
though i am in that continual state of discernment that haunts the hell out of graduate students of all flavors,
i . feel. spectacular.

i am tired today, but it is definitely the good time.
the kind of hangover you have after a night of real conversation around a roaring bonfire and under the moooon.
vitreous_fish and i awoke late and scrambled out to her family’s home for an absotively scrumptios omelette and watched
The 7 Faces of Doctor Lao— how I missed this until now is beyond me. It is now one of my faaavorite fantasy fils. period. Tony Randall is hysterical.
After that there was yummy chocolate peanut butter ice cream and gardening.

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