Lotus Festival


I don’t suspect I’ll be sleeping soon.
My body feels so good that it’s confused. lol.

A period of practically ecstatic dance like that every day and I should be whipped into shape just fine.
I swear blood has travelled to parts of my body that didn’t know it had veins!
And my period finally came. And I was sooo sweaty I went immediately to the shower and now I.feel.awesome.
It helps that I actually did my skin care regimen.

I should really do detailed reporting on the Lotus Festival.
3 days of world music.
most incredible.
Tonight I saw the Cool Crooners of Bulawayo
who are quite possible the cutest men I have ever seen. really.
Also Vishten who a such a cool blend of celtic influences.
Then we tried donna the buffalo which wan’t really our style this evening. Plus who would want to miss THESE sassy zulu ladies! SO we saw the Mahotella Queens instead. That’s where I danced a fury.

whew. more later. but i must try to resssssssst.


2 thoughts on “Lotus Festival

  1. Hey! Donna the Buffalo is from around here, I think. They played the Flat Rock Music Festival last time I went, although I didn’t get to hear them (so I don’t know if I like them or not).

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