RIP John Ritter


I have been absolutely craving chinese food.
So, that’s what we had for lunch. But I ate quite a bit.
And then went on an unexpected car ride all over thie hills and valleys of two counties.
Basically I ended up showing two houses that were pretty far out.
I found that my tummy was not very happy with me.
But it’s settling down now.

I am horribly broken up about John Ritter’s death. Not that Johnny Cash isn’t worth mourning, but Ritter’s is so much more sudden and closer to me personally. Must find a copy of “The Dreamer of Oz” to watch in honor.
I haven’t even been watching the news or reading about it because I am genuinely upset. ick.
This whole thing of unknown heart problems is very frightening and is
a subject that leaves me frozen in time since my dear friend Johnny’s death at 29.


6 thoughts on “RIP John Ritter

  1. i know, i find myself tearing up thinking about him… and it breaks my heart that his little 5 yr old daughter, whose birthday was yesterday, probably won’t remember him…

    it’s a very sad day.

  2. ritter’s passing bothered me as well…it wasn’t expected or anticipated at all…

    had chinese today….would share if you were here…

    hope all is well, miss you and im still sorry i didn’t hook with you while you were here…

    btw…its getting cool outside 🙂

  3. 20/20 just did a wonderful piece on John Ritter that made me laugh and cry. I heard on the news this morning that he died on his little girl’s 5th birthday. Not sure if that’s really true or not. I do know that his birthday and wedding anniversary are both next week, and to imagine what his wife is going through is tearing me up, since I keep imagining what I’d be going through in her place.

    I feel as you do about Johnny Cash, along with the fact that when his wife died this past spring, I know it broke him up and to imagine him being with her now makes me smile somehow. I think it’s where he really wanted to be.


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