mah life


I am having one. Isn’t that a shock? LOL.
This whole signing up for classes thang really pushed my schedule into full swing. But I am liking.
The voice class is great. And I get to learn faboo techniques that don’t include having people thump me on the back of the head and saying “Alexander-ize.” I loathe Alexander technique.
The new prof is a Fitzmaurice girl and that is much more my style since I do authentic movement.
And then there is the history course which is giving me a chance to geek-out colonial american style. woot!
Ummm. Tomorrow will be crazy busy. We are on one car since I have yet to get all legal with mine at the BMV. Both have class and I have to schedule a closing and go to the chiropractor and then go on a showing. hmmmmm.

I don’t want to think anymore, so I am going to fill out mindless surveys.

Last cigarette: Eh. A month or so ago. It’s infrequent. As in–
I can still probably count the number I have smoked in my whole life.
Last car ride: “car ride” I rode in a vehicle today. But drove around just-because about a week ago . . .

Last kiss: dunno. not too long ago.

Last good cry: It’s been awhile. I’ve been “welling” pretty often. It could happen anytime. lol.

Last library book checked out: a book about making cloth puppet doll thingers

Last book read: the alchemist. again.

Last movie seen: Identity. the extended version is playing now . . .

Last resturant visited: Panera. mmmm.

Last dream: something about finding a book that used pictures of my hometown to illustrate life in america?! And then other weird elements. Riding some bike-like thing through flood waters. A long driveway . . .

Last curse word uttered: shit. i think when i almost dropped the dust jacket of my 88$ textbook into the cat bed.

Last beverage drank: Grape kool-aid

Last food consumed: Nectarines sliced with brown sugar

Last phone call: vitreous_fish

Last tv show watched: The Simpsons

Last time showered: Last night

Last shoes worn: Black birks

Last outfit worn: Black yoga pants/white stripe down the side, black tank, white gauze shirt as a jacket

Last cd played: Evanescence

Last wish: To see my friend Brad who I just got an email from . . . it’s been soooo long. 😦

Last item bought: groceries. batteries, printer ink.

Last annoyance: kevin nervously and unconsciously jingling the cat toy with the bell when there was no at in the room .

Last disappointment: I discovered I wouldn’t have time to add any more fun-ness to my schedule. I am wanting to do something performance-wise.

Last soda drank: Coke after class.

Last ice cream eaten: Chocolate with strawberries as a mix-in from maggie moo’s, yesterday

Last alcohol drunk: Long time ago. I did taste Kevin’s beer last time we were at the Upland.

Last time wanting to die: Uh, that question doesn’t seem very casual. Not recently . . .

Last time scolded: Ew. I hate being scolded. I have blocked it out, I guess. I was chastised by my principal broker early in the summer. But let’s just say it won’t happen again.

Last webpage visited: Kev HAD to show me the new Orpheus book. lol


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