on real estate and recovery


well, I have not been on the computer in a very long time.
I was on some when I was sick and taking my sales course, but the second week got busier and went faster.
First off, it’s dang hot in my house right now, whew! I may have to shed some clothinng. lol.
I studied and eventually sometime around Wednesday my brain got FULL.
An accelerated course is totally intense.
The good news was, I couldn’t study non-stop because no more info could be shoe-horned in.
The bad news was that I had to rely on what I already new and pray that it would be a large part of what was on the state exam.
Thurday, Friday and Saturday can be summed up as:
Thursday, I passed the class and was allowed to go take the state exam which I had scheduled for the following day.
Friday, I passed the state exam (thank any and every deity that absolutely anyone and everyone believes in!)
and I signed my contract with the agency.
Saturday, we made our offer on the house and it will be a go (contingent on financing, of course, which we will find out Wednesday.)
Yesterday, I vegged.
Today, I vegged. After all, there was a trading spaces marathon. So Kate and Carrie and Anna we here.
Tomorrow, I am starting work at 8:30am. This week is a kind of getting to know the office week, so I am attending the regular meetings and trainings that the broker sponsors. Along with setting up my computer an office space, etc.
So now, I go beddy by.

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