Bad habits you have:
01 – being casual with nearly EVERYone
02 – leaving shit wherever I used it last (closest example: hydrogen peroxide by the computer)
03 – biting sarcasm
04 – getting out of touch with family and friends

Things you wished you had:
01 – a big art studio
02 – money to buy my parents a house
03 – days that were twice as long
04 – a few months (and the cash) to travel and visit bunches of people

Scents you love:
01 – bread baking
02 – laundry fresh off the clothesline
03 – Rain
04 – vanilla/cocoa

Things you never wear:
01 – my wedding ring, lol. i am a painter. anything on my hands makes me crazy.
02 – spiky heels/ pumps (any shoes actually, if i can get away with it)
03 – liquid foundation (eww)
04 – itchy fabrics

Things done today:
01 – made appointment to see THE house on friday (It simply MUST be perfect.)
02 – sorted through a ton of stuff
03 – took most of it to Goodwill
04 – had dinner with the_tockamus

Things you last paid for:
01 – dinner
02 – picture hanging wire
03 – grocery type foods
04 – gasoline

People/things you’d like to spend more time with:
01-gram, mom and dad (from home)
02-maduro, kiaroskuro and sungo in VA
03-vitreous_fish and the_tockamus here in town
04-old friends, James, Brent & AmyMarie, scattered across the US—– and singing with tresky (though I bitched about it them, I miss singing that damn Beautiful duet — and other fun stuff with you!!)


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