synaesthesia . . . .

1. what does love taste like? pale fruits and hot tea
2. what colour is loneliness ? blue-ish grey, like a rainy and dirty city sidewalk
3. what does anger look like? like black fireworks
4. what colour are hiccoughs? it depends . . . those squeaky ones are hot pink, as are the sneezes of the same genre. . .
regular ones are an orangy-brown
5. what does passion smell like? kiwi and merlot
6. what is the texture of terror? sharp burrs on metal . . . and rusty pipes
7. what colour is my name? mine? is the blue-green to blue-violet spectrum ——-ruska’s is burgundy, with green shadows
8. what colour is your orgasm? and is your partners a different colour? white, pale green, and scarlet. partners . . . mostly violet
9. what does pain look like? eww. it’s a smeary grey and bubbly. like melted. though some physical pain is orange.
10.what is the smell and texture of happiness? smell is sweet but kind of like lavender. or like dew/ rain. and the texture is like rubbing nylon-y, silky nightgown fabric through your fingers.


6 thoughts on “synaesthesia

  1. Hmmm, synesthesia… is that why you decided to add me as a friend?

    I’m an auditory synesthetic, so my experience is very different. I struggle to describe what the things I see and feel sound like. Although sharp noises also cause visual images, and sometimes things evoke textures.

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