who? me?


o my!

now i am being mistaken for being too conservative. and pro-war?
how can this be?

i don’t like that such clear ‘sides’ are drawn from so little information.
touchy touchy.

fyi– i am personally a pacifist, politically i *understand* why war exists.
i am neither an idiot or a hippie.
i think that if i were to evaluate the status of the war or bush as president during a war.
it’s going fine and I don’t think Bush is doing a horrific job at all,
despite my preference to not be in the situation in the first place.

I admit I didn’t vote for him in any fashion.
not even by voting for a third party candidate.
Remember we live in a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy.
democrat-ic, perhaps. a democracy, not technically.
But I truly believe george W. is doing what he honestly believes is best and necessary from his perspective.
I respect that.

yes, i too feel smothered by the war, but am not going to censor myself.
if we want to talk about supporting our troops, well, what we feel is “overkill” (no pun intended)
isn’t any fraction of what those in Iraq— civilians, journalists, peacemakers and soldiers—
are feeling. So, I feel obliged to deal.

and now.

i am just gonna go watch the oscars and eat ice cream.
i have many things to write later.

20 thoughts on “who? me?

  1. this is very well said. I didn’t want the war either. and while i stay away from using my post in lj for an opinon poll, i’ve responded a few times this week to others. but i actually got into it today with a guy who is going to move to canada over all this. i told him that there were plenty of people at our gates from other countries who believe in what we do stand for who would like his citizenship. this didn’t help. in short, i lost a friend from my friends list.

    i accept differences/opinions, but i prefer differences that are intelligent and not emotional reactions…. its the differences that make this america and i think patriotism also comes in the form of protest

    you’re not pro war. for someone to say that is showing how closed they can be. there are no distinct divisions in this. no black or white. nothing like this ever is….

    i will send you something via email i sent this guy ….his retort was using 3-4 words and i have no room on my friends list for that….

  2. Views of War

    Is it not peaceful to accept that people have their views? ‘:( Yes, I’ve been stated as a war monger too. Then I got joshled because of my friends who have peaceful views. People will not talk to me when I speak of supporting the troops, they will not speak to me when I say I’m not entirely convinced we shoudl even be in this war.

    I would never dismiss a friend over such a subject as war. War is just that: it creates a raging sea of emotions. We must strive to remember there are people under this sea.

    No one is going to be in total agreement. All the more reason we should reach out to each other, to not be hasty in our judgments. To do anything else only extends the pain and isolates us into an “us versus them” situation.

    Whether we believe in the causes of this war or not, we must not neglect the human factor. Ever. A person should not allow political action decide who keeps his companionship. Because we are all crying inside now. Censorship would allow the worst in us to thrive on this fear and hate, encourage us into isolation, and destroy the highest virtues proclaimed by both sides…

    {{{big hugs, always}}} I liked you before this war, and I wil not allow war to conquer that. Many of my friends have various views that clash with each other. I cherish them all, for how else am I to survive this life without hearing the human voice beyond the confusion war brings? 🙂

  3. well said.

    i have mixed emotions about this whole thing. i feel like a putz because i cannot seem to form a concrete opinion about this whole ordeal.
    i really want to support our president, but am having a hard time making sense out of his actions. i wonder what in the hell he is doing (thinking), but i am sure there are certain factors the public does not know about; there has to be, or maybe i am just naive. folks forget that there are many people behind the president. he is just a puppet in my opinion (a front man), a voice of many. he is not acting alone.
    i hate that our country is torn and not united. i hate that our countries popularity level has plummeted in european countries.

    i think we just have to sit back and wait. we cannot control this situation, and there is no use in my bitching and losing sleep over it. i think everything happens for a reason, and i am just waiting to see some good to come out of this.

  4. You’re very eloquent in stating your views. Too many of us (yours truly included) get all huffy and puffy and can’t state clearly what it is we feel. It’s good to see someone keeping a cool head.

    I’m also of mixed feelings about it. Personally, I don’t like Bush and I didn’t vote for him. I also am a pacifist, and I think the inspections should have been allowed to continue; however, that is not how it happened. I’m disheartened by this, and I don’t like it, but my job (anyone’s job who wants it, really) is to support our people (military and otherwise) who are over there and hope for a safe return for them. I also choose to hope for the safety of as many of the Iraqi innocents as possible.

    War is terrible any way you slice it. We at home really just need to unite and hope for as decent an outcome as possible. 🙂

  5. my view on the war

    heres what i think.
    Personnally i think that George W Bush is doing a good job FOR THE DEVIL.
    He says hes a christian, but still murders people for oil. (I think that breaks about 2/10 commandments)
    USA is the most evil country in the world, fighting wars for economic intrest far from their own land.
    USA is also far away from being a democratic country, with the pathetic two-party-system.
    In real life USA is run by MONEY. and nothing else.
    media keeps pushing a wrong view of the world for the US citizens.
    keep the people in fear and they will consume.
    war on IRAQ is also run by MONEY.
    US economy bases itself to the fact that USA has always an enemy.

    i dont personnally think that Saddam Hussein is nice at all, but i still see George W Bush /US Goverment as a bigger threat for the world. i think he should be put to court on war crimes. but in the end it dont matter what i think, but im sure Bushs God will send him in hell.

    i could go on and on about this but ill save it.
    heres a little something i made on the subject:

    href=”http://www.thrashmosh.org/george.html”>the truth about george w bush

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