paid to protest?


one of my best friends is a local artist. a woman in her 60’s.
she is a great great lady. and today we had a wonderful conversation.
I am so in awe and have a more rooted understanding of
moderngypsy and rightwings’ new and politically brave (and personally challenging) relationship.
she has been referring lately in passing to this “leadership workshop.”
She is not normally so obviously vague as that, even in passing because we love sharing our art and activities with each other.
Don’t get me wrong; I was in no way offended, it just struck me as out of the ordinary. Today when we were having an
actual conversation and not just idle chatter, she mentioned having come to class today from this event. I asked if she had to rush or come far
and she said, “oh no.” and that the group she works with rents a house in town. With that kind of specificity, I just assumed she was part of a local organization and I casually asked what group.
She snickered and said, “the Republican party.”
lol. and here I was picturing this tiny but growing organization.
apparently she holds some kind of state board position and used to hold elected office.
Back in the day, when I was an aspiring attorney, I so loved the political game. so I still think this is cool.
and we proceeded to have the best dialogue I have had in months.
and after feeling the attempts at being intellectually belittled by extreme conservativism this week, it was a breath of fresh air.
I hate political interactions that involve either side taking some nasty “high ground.”
The actual issues are totally relevant and are OUR life and I love having talks where both parties feel safe enough to share openly.
As a mediator it’s been a long week. It’s been particularly tough in churches and religious organizations where there are widely differing
opinions and beliefs among the membership. And I love being a part of their peaceful and loving coexisting, even in dissent.

And, can I say, paid protesters make me want to vomit. It waters down genuine sentiment and valid arguments.
And seems a truly silly idea, anyway. ummm. yeah.

And at this point I most genuinely hope that the current world conflict and ‘destruction ‘ phase will be as brief as possible. I am anxious to begin the ‘creation’ phase which has been promised to follow. I am already making plans to help rebuild once the government allows relief workers into the country. Because peace is action. I am anticipating the day when I will do more than waiting, praying and building nothing more than tension with fellow over-privileged americans.


2 thoughts on “paid to protest?

  1. Maybe you’re not building anything but tension, but others of us have been building a lot more than that all our lives, for better or for worse, and for a lot longer than many of us even care to think about.

    If that sounds like I am taking the high ground, so be it, but as one of your “fellow over-privileged Americans,” I don’t like to make blanket statements about what all the other Americans out there are building or not building.

    Some are busy destroying any hope for peace, some are busy trying to light a few candles in the darkness in whatever way they can. And as over-privileged as you may think we Americans are, most of us have very few ways to make ourselves heard about the constant barrage of pro-war propaganda that’s the order of the day all over America right now.

    You know that old saying – “There’s only a free press for those who can afford to buy one.” It’s never been more true than right now.

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