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was truly awesome.

Here’s my annotated setlist!

Wampum Prayer — from offstage and in total darkness. beautiful.
a sorta fairytale — she looked so cute! but it took me awhile to figure out what the hell she was wearing. A jumpsuit with sequins. I love the fabric “wings” from the back of the sleeves. and cute shoes!
Little Amsterdam — started to notice how tight the light design was. damn.
Cornflake Girl — always happiest with earlier stuff. probably just nostalgia.
Siren — don’t know this song very well, it was from the great expectations soundtrack
Liquid Diamonds — ooooooh. yeah. and i believe a first for this tour
Talula — great arrangement of this song for this tour!
Wednesday — Scarlet’s Walk is really growing on me. ALOT.

Band Leaves and the Roadside cafe drops in, lights stay fairly focused on the center of the stage, her at the piano. well, piano and three other keyboard instruments. lol. and she does the neatest thing through this section, adding a slight twang or affectation to certain words. does give that roamin’ feel.

China — GOOSEBUMPS. love this song.
Upside Down — can it get better than theis?!!
Imagine — apparently it CAN!!!! i totally teared up. I mean, this concert had fabulous energy anyway, and with the audience erupting into cheers or support at the poignant and relevant moments. . . . WOW. and a standing o, of course.

Band came back out.

Bells For Her — all i can say is this was a wonderful transition from the sadness and hope of the last grouping of songs. . . “can’t stop what’s coming . . . ”
no. we couldn’t. sirens are sounding in iraq right now.
Northern Lad
Riot Poof
Take To The Sky — raw energy, babay. and i love love love this song. plus she did that great thing she’s been doing lately of morphing into “I fell the earth . move. undermyfeet. . . “. 🙂 i was dancing in my seat. Of course with the little bit of room i had. The Murat Theatre is like a damn sardine can.
I Can’t See New York
Iieee — beautiful ending.

1st Encore — cheers!!!!!!!!!!

Taxi Ride
Past The Mission — aw. and just as she took the breath to begin. she erupted into laughter. completely. heheh. after arguing with her self and assuring us she was still gonna sing the song, she finally decided to reveal that they have often sung “Pass the Chicken” when they sit down to dinner. And insisted that now the whole audience would think of nothing else. lol.

2nd Encore

Real Men (!!!!!!) What a surprise! pleasant one. great cover.
Tear In Your Hand — oh mah god. this was almost as good as mandy patinkin ending his encores with ‘oh what a circus’ from evita.
and she waved “goodbye.”

and she was just so lively and moving and energetic through the whole show. tons of handsigns and little improvs (and a story about their day off where Tash thought that an empty fountain in indy was a palace. 🙂

you can read the review from the dent HERE


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