rule #1– no sex on the blue couch.


the infamous “blue couch” went to it’s new home today.
it now resides with the_tockamus.

and film from the holidays was developed.
some of them turned out beautifully.
the pictures of kevin and i with our respective grandmothers and the picture of both of us with my aunt turned out especially nice.

and, so easily am i “persuaded” to take part in random projects that, in fact, it takes no persuading at all.
the latest is book printing and binding with vghoul.
though the project must be extended since there was an, um, er, glitch.
let’s just say the printing didn’t go as planned.
but it’s for the best. now i can print it out in signatures, instead of, awkwardly, in one big booklet.

and it took me exactly 7 minutes to return home from the other side of town without traffic.
whoo hoo.

2 thoughts on “rule #1– no sex on the blue couch.

  1. I didn’t know the blue couch still existed. Long live the blue couch by the window. The infamous blue couch. I will sing laments for its passing on to other hands. You must pass the rules however. 😛

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