stillness. . .


I feel like its the calm after the storm.

I just quite at the restauraunt.
not only did I quit, but I walked out in the middle of a football/basketball night.
I was tired of being shit on.
Short version is the 3rd hostess came in “sick”
Hello, I am sick, but no one gave a damn. I stood in front of the door (i.e. outside in 34 degree weather) for hours. Sick.
Dona had been there since three and as the new girl has been bearing the brunt.
Well, instead of telling us when Liz came in that she wasn’t staying the whole night (she was supposed to close), we assumed things were as scheduled. Dona leaves first, then me, then Liz. Well, with her saying she was leaving first, that would have had me closing. Which tonight would have been midnight probably. I couldn’t do four more hours sick and able to SEE MY BREATH. No fuc-king way.
A– he could have let us know she was leaving early.
I know he’s the manager, but working with 2 hostesses who both have school or other jobs -is-just-crazy.
Now, I don’t care.
Anyway Liz went upstairs “to rest” and when dennis came downstairs I said “Liz is just sitting down. Why is she even here? (Trying to prod him into telling me she was going to leave.) He says, “I am thinking bout sending her home.” Liar. She already told you she was leaving.
I said, Well, Dona’s been here and since 3:30 and I am NOT staying until the end of the night.
He said “What do you want from me? What you want me to do bout it? (How about manage your fucking staff, asshole? novel idea, isn’t it?)
‘blah blah blah’ you can just leave. ”
I hate statements like that.
Don’t you dare or threaten me.
And it occurred to me that I was cold. I would be making more money on a road crew with about the same working conditions. lol.
And I have a fucking masters degree. I so don’t need this shit.
I wanted to say all the things that ran through my mind, but after his say ” . . . leave”
I settled for– “I will. I quit.”
And I did. I clocked out. I hugged Nikki, TJ, and Alex and WALKED OUT. Thus regaining my life.

And it occurs to me how much I love my job at michaels. Today I just walked around showing people how to make gift baskets, putting together wooden toy models and making bows. It was heavenly. And now I can do more of it. When I want to. And get paid more. Hurray.

I feel empowered. And surprisingly– not the least bit guilty.


13 thoughts on “stillness. . .

  1. Anonymous

    nothing makes me happier than seeing someone not put up with bullshit, and making a decision that makes them happy (as this has obviously done for you. congratulations, and enjoy your freedom. you’ve earned it.

  2. more power to you!

    Right on. Yes, thank you.
    If there’s a way to to this: do an exit interview or message-to this idiot’s boss if there is one, then pass on the information of what made the situation untenable for you, (in case anyone with the power to get things through his thick head, or to get better/different management in there, cares – am I dreaming?)
    and if it would be merely babbling at brick wall, then don’t.

    But congratulations and applause and right, absolutely, right on.
    Glad you have Michael’s to fall back on, too!

  3. Follow your bliss!

    Good for you! You absolutely HAVE to do what is right for you in life! πŸ™‚ I’m happy for you. I’ve done the same myself many times. Life’s too damned short.

  4. Congratulations!

    You have taken back your life. I’m so glad you’re not feeling guilty, because the life was being sucked out of you there and by finally realizing it, you took back what was rightfully yours. I’m very proud of you for what you’ve done! *hugs*

  5. YOU GO GURLFRIEND. STICK IT TO THE MAN. i mean, awesome work. KICK HIS ASS. i mean, throw things at the office. i mean, that is a constructive … aw screw it. you should really throw things at this evil person. i am glad you are free from his insidious clutches.

  6. Great job!! What an ass. I did the same thing in my former vocation. I had my papers signed and returned my gear in 24 hours. There’s nothing like realizing that you doing something you don’t like in a job that you are over qualified for. It’s an empowering feeling. I’m glad you didn’t take that. I’m proud of you. πŸ™‚

  7. Hey, I’m late with this, but it sounds to me like you did the right thing for yourself. Follow your bliss and all that. I’m happy for you, as the restaurant job sounded miserable and unfair. πŸ™‚

    love, lore

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