because i felt like it!


1. Name: Heidi Marie

2. Were you named after anyone? Not really. Middle name is my mom’s middle name as well.

3. Do you wish on stars? Oh yes. That’s what they are for, right?

4. Which finger is your favorite? Thumb

5. When did you last cry? Probably teared up during some movie. But really cried? Maybe when
we were moving out of sheer exhaustion and pain.

6. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you? Ohhhh, I have no idea.
Any suggestions?

7. Do you like your handwriting? Yea.

8. Who do you admire? My parents and my grandma

9. What is the #1 priority in your life? Friends/family

10. What is your favorite lunch? Mexican

11. Any bad habits? I am sure. Not throwing papers, wrappers, etc in the garbage right away

12. What store would you never be caught dead in? I can’t really think of one.
But any store where I am immediately accosted by an overly helpful sales associate (especially if
they’re after commission) will piss me off and assure that I will not return there.

13. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Well, yea.

14. Are you a daredevil? Not so much.

15. Name the person that you have had the deepest philosophical talk with? Kevin

16. Have you ever told a secret you swore you wouldn’t tell? No.

17. Have you ever stolen anything? Not that I remember.

18. Do looks matter? Not to me. But they OBVIOUSLY do, whether I want them to or not.

19. Do you pray? In many ways

20.Have you ever met anyone famous? A few people

21. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I freakin’ wish.

22. Are you trendy? I can’t say that I am.

23. What do you do to prevent anger? Well, I am not generally an angry person. But I don’t
think preventing it is really possible or a good idea . . .

24. Are you passive or aggressive? Over the years have moved away from passivity toward more
aggression and assertion.

25. Who is your idol? Idol is a really strong word. I really have a lot of respect for my ancestors
and for my professors

26. Who is your second family? The people I choose to be my friends

27. Do you trust others easily? I do, but if it is hurt in some way I am not sure you get it back.

28. What were your favorite toys as a child? Record player, tape recorder (I was a menace with
that thing!) Mr. Teddy. Small dolls.

29. What class in school did you think was totally useless? Phys ed. What a waste.

30. Have you ever been on radio or television? Both.

31. Do you like sappy love songs? Some

32. What is your greatest fear? Drowning

32. Do you have a journal? Many of them!

33. Have you ever intentionally hurt someone? Yeah, long time ago, but it makes me feel gross to
think about it.

34. Do you like sarcasm? Me. No way. I can’t imagine WHO would enjoy that sort of harsh
interaction. *giggle*

35. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? Once. Never again.

36. Do you feel understood most of the time? Not really, nut it’s not in that woeful, whiny, i-am-
misunderstood way.

37. What is your most favorite possession? Great grandma’s opal ring

38. Have you thought seriously about committing suicide? I have never been suicidal, but i have
thought about suicide. Does that make sense?

39. Do you know what `sctief’ is? Uh, no.

40. What is your nickname? Marie.

41. What is the worst thing anyone has said to you? I’d like to not muse on the many hurtful
things that have been said to me just to come up with the primo ultimate to write here.

42. Would you ever bungee jump? Don’t think so

43. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? No, but I untie them to put them on.

44. What are you worried about right now? That I will be working more hours next week.

45. Do you ever wear overalls? Hell yea.

46. Do you think you are strong? Physically, sorta. Constitutionally, yes. Mentally, yes.

47. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate

My name is: Heidi
I may seem: outgoing
But I’m really: quite a hermit
People who know me think: I am nuts. (But usually in a good way)
If you knew me you’d probably: think so, too.
Sometimes I feel: pretty damn tired of this crazy world
My days are pretty: busy, but fun
Yesterday: was my 27th birthday
In the morning I: got to bed. Lol.
I like to sleep: under lots of blankets and with a cat.
If I could be doing anything right now I would be: traveling
Money is: a radical pain in the ass
One thing I don’t have that I wish I did is: a week off to clean my house, then another to make art.
One thing I have that I wish I didn’t is: uh, a disease.
All you need is: love, of couse.
All I need is: love and chocolate. Sometimes i get them confused.
If I had one wish it would be: more wishes, duh.
When I look in the mirror I see: my reflection. Is this a trick question?
Love is: all you need. That song really keeps me from hearing anything else follow these prompts.
My body: is aching more every day. Eek.
If an angel flew into my window at night I would: smile and take a picture
If a demon crashed into my window I would: take a picture (right after I piss myself) and sell it
for lots of money.
If I could see one person right now it would be: my mom— but i hate to pick just one of my
parents. That’s unfair. So, let’s say dave.
Something I want but I don’t really need is: not to have to work.
Something I need but I don’t really want is: to have this last wisdom tooth cut out.
I live for: way too many reasons to list here.
I dare you all to: fill all this shit out, too.
I am afraid of: truly scary movies
It makes me angry when: people under 25, and with less than 3 people in the vehicle, drive SUVS.
I dream about: people i know and people my mind makes up and usually about really mundane things.
I daydream about: damn. Just realized I haven’t really had time to let my consciousness drift

2 Years Ago:
1. Was still really sick
2. Lived in Richmond, Indiana
3. Had a couple of close friends that I no longer have.
4. Was still in grad school
5. Hated life

1 Year Ago, I:
1. Lost a friend
2. Made a new friend
3. Lived alone
4. Sang alot
5. Worked at blockbuster

Yesterday, I:
1. Turned 27
2. Worked
3. Slept
4. Ate too much
5. Talked to my granny

Today, (so far, as it’s only 1:41am) I:
1. Checked my email
2. Ate a little snickers bar.
3. Made a list of things i need to do
4. Drank more tea
5. Took a pill

Five Things I Would buy With $100,000:
1. Pay off my loans
2. Give the rest to mom and dad so they can move.

Top Five Locations I’d Like To Run Away To:
1. London
2. Prague
3. Paris
4. Portland
5. Home


2 thoughts on “because i felt like it!

  1. 2 Years Ago:
    1. Was still really sick
    2. Lived in Richmond, Indiana

    Richmond, IN is my hometown! I hated it growing up. I lived there until I went to college at Purdue, ended up going back when we ran out of money, and eventually fled to start the rest of my life far, far away. I kind of like the town now that I can freely come and go. We’re going back for Thanksgiving since my mom, my sister, her husband and kids, and my brother and his girlfriend and daughter still live there.

    Small world. 🙂

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