paul haters be damned!


ok, so i’ll admit i have never listed paul as my favorite beatle . . .
but that concert rocked my world. it was incredible.
our seats were perfect. he sounded beautiful.
he sang every song i could imagine needing to hear him sing.
his energy is astounding. 3 hours. no break. whoa.
pre-show was very circus-like and fun.
the man is very genuine and has a way of really wearing his warmth and integrity.
and i was there with my daddy.
i teared up twice. when he first started singing. (it’s partly that “oh-mah-god-this-isn’t a cd-playing” thing and partly happiness for my dad.)
and during “let it be” (aformentioned reasons, plus that song is just damn beautiful.)
I really could ramble on. but all I can say is paul earned his way into my world.
and he really is quite a cute little man.
and very charismatic. i suddenly realized how he and three other guys with many of the same qualities reduced crowds to fits of tears and fainting.

so, yeah, even being crazy busy and recovering from being sick, i am happy.

unless i think about iraq or this sniper bullshit.


4 thoughts on “paul haters be damned!

  1. I was always a John Lennon fan, but Paul has grown on me over the past few years. And he’s the senior-citizen rock star who is aging most gracefully. I don’t know if he’s 60 yet. I didn’t know the members of the Rolling Stones are all 60 now. I guess they still put on a really good show, too.


  2. I’m so glad you had a good time! John was always my favorite (still is, actually), but seeing Paul in concert 3 times in one year was such a dream for me, especially when he sang Beatle songs. At least I felt I had a piece of history in front of me, and half of the legendary Lennon/McCartney writing duo. No one can take away from him that he’s amazing and after watching A Hard Day’s Night recently on DVD, I am reminded all over again that Paul was truly meant to be on stage. He’s such a ham!

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