okay. kevin just had a butt ass weird experience. my bubby the skeptic. he went to make copies at his office and just returned home in a state of ::creeped out::
Basically he was alone in this building (grad student ghetto offices in a converted dorm) thought he saw a dark shadow in the corner of his eye and got the feeling he needed to get the hell out of there. so he did.

i could sympathize only because I had a similar experience in college.
I was dropping a paper off on the third floor of our humanities academic building. As I was walking back down the hall I “felt” a voice (i presume my own instinct) saying RUN. I did. I remember every step of that journey down the hall, down stairs, past doc mcquilken’s office and thinking ‘almost there,’ down the last flight and busted out the front doors.

i told kev that I didn’t see anything just felt a weight behind me and the urge to get the crap out of there. he basically confirmed that was his experience. now he doesn’t want to go back to his office. lol.


3 thoughts on “ghosties

  1. strange peripherals

    I have had that on rare ocassion. Recently, last week I was walking in a shadowy living room, as the blinds were closed. In the corner of my eye I saw a faint glow move with me for half a second and about 8 feet away. It was tiny. When I looked at it, nothing was there. I repeated my steps and angles several times trying to replicate the effect. No traffic outside. No light sources, nothing reflective. Your brain tries to explain it. Must be like one of those spots you see after a flash, or nerve firing, etc? Nothing I’m concerned with, but –got my attention.

  2. when i was in college, i used to walk from our local coffee shop about 5 minutes (briskly) back to my dorm. i did this at night, and alone (stupid, i know, but i’m a big girl and thankfully never got mugged or anything) on a regular basis. there was a hedge by the education building, approximately 30 feet long and about 15 feet high. i walked by it all the time, daytime, nighttime – never had anything happen. until one night, i was walking home alone and started to walk past the hedge. i Knew that i was being watched from within the hedge. whatever It was followed me as i walked down the sidewalk. it was like you said, there was a weight. i felt like prey. i had a friend come back with me the next night, to make sure i wasn’t crazy. he was very much the druid and told me that i was not mistaken, that there was Something Nasty ™ in the hedge, and somehow he got it to go away. it was never there again, but that was the only time i’ve ever felt scared of anything otherworldly. terrified is more like it. but you and he are not alone in this feeling.

  3. The university where I went to school had a very omnious feeling, when I walked by it at night, I always felt like running away from it as far as I could. I suppose it didn’t help that it was built right next to an old cemetery. I usually love libraries, but this one was strange. While I did spend time researching and finding nifty books there, I eventually had to stop studying in there due because everytime I was in there I just felt so spacey.

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