survey saYS . . .


x first of all, your name: Heidi
x your nickname: marie
x what’s your sign: scorpio, gemini rising
x male or female: female
x when is your birthday: 10/30
x where do you live: bloomington, indiana
x where were you born: cumberland, maryland
x colleges or schools you attended: keyser primary middle, st.frances school, keyser high, potomac state college, shenandoah university, bridgewater college, bethany theological seminary
x jobs you’ve had: arts teacher, counselor, server, hostess, video store employee, office manager, substitute teacher, actor, event coordinator, graphic designer and artist
x favorite state: colorado
x favorite cities: London, NYC, St. Augustine
x favorite colors: blues, greens and violet
x boyfriend/girlfriend: married
x how many phones do you have: um. one.
x how many tvs do you have: 2
x best fragrance guy/girl wears: these days anything makes me sneeze. but a clean soapy smell is good.
x what song is on now: no song. just a pbs movie en espanol.
x last cd you listened to: the new james taylor
x last tv show you watched: seinfeld
x last thing you ate: double scoop of chocolate with a strawberry mix in. yum . . .
x most recent purchase: an art nouveau design book
x last movie you watched: practical magic
x book you read/ are reading: LOST by Gregory Maguire
x are you talking to anyone: Nope
x who all is online: noboby i know at the moment.
x how many phone lines do you have: One, but we have dsl, so i can be online and it doesn’t tie it up.
x have you ever been kissed: very silly question, of course.
x any religious affiliation: liberal christian (church of the brethren/anabaptist), observes jewish holidays, and a little pagan πŸ™‚ some days-just art and spirituality
x favorite kind of drink: soda, unfortunately. but i love hot tea.
x what size shoes do you wear: 7 1/2
x what’s your favorite kind of shoe: bare feet!!!
x do you like thongs: indeed i don’t
x a part of you that frequently aches: my feet
x who was the last person to call you: my mama.
x favorite girls names: cecelia, abagail, claire, zoe
x what about the boys: Davin, Dylan, Michael
x where do you go for good fast food: hmmm. it depends. i go through phases.
x are you ticklish? if so where: Nope. NOwhere.
x favorite computer game: Arcanum, The Sims
x things nearest to you: electronics of all sorts, a tarot deck, a dictionary, a knife my dad made me, hydrogen peroxide, random cds and photos
x elements in your most recent recollected dream: a house that disappeared, but the cellar stayed, a college friend, my supervisor at my old school job, a tornado, a church/meeting


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