[ Current Clothes ] my happy bathrobe 🙂

[ Current Mood ] relaxed, but caffeinated.
[ Current Music ] none. *gasp* just the computers’ humming.
[ Current Taste ] ‘nilla coke
[ Current Make-up ] none.

[ Current Hair ] pulled back.

[ Current Annoyance ] no place to put my feet up at this damn computer.
[ Current Smell ] glass cleaner. i just wiped off the monitor screen.

[ Current thing I ought to be doing] putting more art stuff away. making art. writing to people.

[ Current Desktop Picture ]some ugly roleplaying thing. i believe it is a mithroil golem. or so i am told.
[ Current Favorite Artist] diebenkorn
[ Current Book you’re reading] re-reading The Hobbit
[ Current CD in CD Player] medieaval babes. undrentide, i think.
[ Current DVD in player] Orange County
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] french manicure. seriously chipped.
[ Current Refreshment] my afore mentioned vanilla coke.
[ Current Worry ] that i will forget to get my presription filled.
the dsl. my missing key.

short answers
1. name = Heidi Marie
2. birthday = 10-30-1975
3. piercing(s) =just one in each ear, for the moment.
4. tattoo(s) = none, i don’t do permanence.
5. height = 5’4
6. shoe size = 7-7 1/2
8. hair length = just below my bra strap 🙂
9. siblings = nope.
10. pets = baby (the terminally pissed off calico), jack and jill.

11. movie/s you rented = The House on Haunted Hill, Orange County
12. movie you bought = The Simpsons– Season One
13. song you listened to = that damn come, my lady, comecome my lady song.
something about butterfly.
13. song that was stuck in your head = see above.
14. song you’ve downloaded = oooh nothing recently.
15. cd you bought = my friend gave me one of his band’s cds.
16. cd you listened to = moulin rouge soundtrack
17. person you’ve called = dad
18. person that’s called you = anzdy
19. tv show you’ve watched = crossing over

20. person you were thinking of = my cousin, samantha

21. you have a crush on someone? = no.
22. you wish you could live somewhere else = sure. lots of places.
23. you think about suicide = not right now.
24. you believe in online dating = uh. in certain circumstances. carefully.
25. others find you attractive = some.
26. you want more piercings = i am thinkin’ bout it.
27. you want more tattoos = oh no.
28. you drink = too much soda.
29. you do drugs = not so much.
30. you smoke = if i am really pissed. but i never buy them.
31. you like cleaning = when i am in the mood. but that is rare.
32. you like roller coasters = let me thinkNO.
33. you write in cursive or print = print mostly.
34. you carry a donor card = there’s a little heart on my license 🙂

for or against
35. long distance relationships = for, i suppose. i’ve done it. it depends how far . .
36. using someone = against
37. suicide = against, as a general rule.
38. killing people = against.
39. teenage smoking = against.
40. doing drugs = against, generally. but i am not judgemental about it.
41. premarital sex = i am not so much “for” it as I don’t care.
I question the institution of marriage anyway.
42. driving drunk = AGAINST! my grandpap was killed by some drunk sob.
43. gay/lesbian relationships = for
44. soap operas = for. when i am around them i get sucked in.

45. food = ice cream.
46. song = like i can choose one.
47. things to do = collage, read, write
48. thing to talk about = gender, theatre
49. sports = uh. soccer, i guess.
50. drinks = hot tea
51. clothes = jeans, hoody
52. movies = many. moulin rouge, hedwig and the angry inch,
legally blonde, practical magic, cocolat, amelie, lord of the rings
53. bands = levellers, the cure, new order
54. holiday = halloween
55. cars = hmmm. VW’s, maybe.

have you…
56. ever cried over a girl = yes
57. ever cried over a boy = yes
58. ever lied to someone = yes
59. ever been in a fist fight = no
60. ever been arrested = not really.

61. shampoo do you use = Varies. i like the fruity smelling things.
62. perfume do you use = various fruity or flowery things
63. shoes do you wear = none, unless i have to. then birks or chucks.
64. are you scared of = losing my eyesight, hearing or voice. random violence.

65. of times I have been in love? = the small number, 2. the larger, 6.
66. of times I have had my heart broken? = maybe, three, for real.
67. of hearts I have broken? = i would have no idea.
68. of boys I have kissed? = not THAT many. 10 maybe. unless you count kissing games.
69. of girls I have kissed? = just a couple.
70. of men I’ve slept with? = had bidness with? NOYB. many, if you really mean sleeping.
71. of girls I’ve slept with? =again if you count sleeping NEXT to, then lots
72. of continents I have lived in? = 1
73. of drugs taken illegally? = one, two, maybe three.
74. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 2, not including parents 🙂
75. of people I consider my enemies? = none that I know of
76. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? = really, like 4. but we are in and out of touch.
77. of cd’s that I own? = yikes. tons.
78. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = a bunch. college always sent press releases.
79. of scars on my body? = loads. i dance and hike alot.
80. of things in my past that I regret? = none in the big picture. but i could stand to tweak a few things.


4 thoughts on “current

  1. in pleasant shock

    Im in shock. Had to take the fun out it and write you again. I know you will figure this out now. Dont use real names here so I will go by Maduro…or simply..uh..ANON. Heehee. Too bad you didn’t meet who was in california (and is also a member of constuming)..when you dropped by this summer. Connections abound — you better add me to your friends list or I will send goons after you. Oh …and visit my live journal. 😛 Miss ya.

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