bOo-YaH. officially an LJ geek.


I figured if I am going to frequent the place, I should give up some $$$. So, I am a paid member now.

And can I say, I Looooves me some Target. oh yes. Picked up another apparatus to store art supplies on. And a little rug to cover the stains on the ghetto carpeting. And then to maggie moo’s where I eat two scoops of chocolate ice cream with strawberries as my mix-in. The fruit being my pathetic attempt to make it seem healthy and to justify eating said dessert. ah vell.

Just read through some posts on the LbNA list. Should have heeded warning from the ladies at the ialc-list. But no, I went anyway and sorted through all the b.s. That’s half an hour of my life I ain’t gettin’ back. curse the flames of immaturity. And for the record– I love newbies on lists. I love being a newbie. I love hearing the same questions and hearing different people’s answers. And besides, you learn best after you TELL someone, not just the first time you hear something. I even like hearing stupid questions. I frequently like asking them as well! And even though I may not believe in or want to hear the ramblings of one five year old nicknamed “lizardbutt”, –I– don’t care if they post. Friends and neighbors, we all have the ability to filter and delete. Venting complete.

trying to convince the_tockamus to visit soon, that is barring any schedule conflicts with prospective employment at the motel 6.


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