big fat update!!


I got a job! It doesn’t pay incredibly well, but it is do-able and something I will enjoy. It’s at a Michael’s. Other artsy-crafsty bees know that I will increase my “pay” by receiving a discount on the excessive amount of supplies I buy. BuZzzzzzZzZZzzzzz.

And it’s not just any position, it’s the event coordinator, which is perfect for me since I do workshops and stuff on my own. It is work I am familiar with. And I get to recruit (or possibly BE) instructors for various classes. That will hopefully put me in touch with some other people in the area. And on Saturdays I do a class with kids, which will fill be just enough but not too much kiddie time. And it is part time, so I can supplement it with workshops and counseling.
Also, except for the classes and demonstrations, I can make my own schedule. whoohoo.


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