okay, i confess. i watched lord of the rings instead of unpacking stuff this afternoon. 🙂


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  1. I’m going to watch LOTR tonight with DH!!! We don’t go “see” movies. We wait for them to come out on video!
    I don’t know how or when you added me to your list, but I just noticed it this morning. I took a really quick look at your LJ and added you to my list. I’m very, very picky with my friends!!! Hope you had a great move! I don’t ever plan to move! Too much junk!
    Off to get some artwork done. I’m working on a pen and ink drawing. Something I haven’t done in years. Usually I do collage which I love!

  2. No need to feel bad…this is an exceptionally good movie that you have to devote some serious viewing time to ;). We picked up the DVD and watched it the same day. It’s still great the second time around (as I’m sure the third, fourth, fifth, etc. will be!).

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