what an amazingly beautiful day!!


Today the weather was so perfect. I was out at 5am, just driving around town– looking at all the trees that had been blow to bits in that huge storm we had. But it was such a clear morning, and not terribly cold. A good sign that the weather is finally warming toward summer . . . So I picked up a newspaper to search for jobs, and drove about town with left arm out the window and my right hand clutching my greasy steak n shake breakfast sandwich. Being so early, I saw only three other vehicles. moving ones, that is. lol.
The only thing about still being awake at 5, is that I then slept through the better part or the day. Well, not really the “better” part. I laid on the grass out front listening to all the chatter on the porch across the street. They were having a big ole cookout.
For dinner, we chose the Irish Lion, after combing the town for places to eat outside. It was the best experience. Food was so yummy. And it felt good to relax. Of course, it cost a bit more than we like to spend, but it was worth it.
Yesterday, I read Nick Hornby’s book, About A Boy. It’s just out in theatres and I wanted to read it before going. It was really very funny. I think it is the first piece of fiction I have made it through in a very long time.
While Kev was taking a nap I did some more drawing. The Selena movie mumbled along in the background. We only get about 12 channels right now, so viewing pleasure is at a minimum. After that Latin drills and games of Magic.
I think I am going to read some merton. I need that especially in the absence of a regular religious practice or community. It keeps me grounded and centered and all that. I really miss all my book that are in storage. But I will make a trip to the library soon enough.


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